Dramatic Personalities

Summer Court

Joining Light (Jonna Risch)
(Fairest, Flamesiren)
Joining Light can be described in two words “Rape Survivor”; not victim, survivor. A once well known investigative reporter, Jonna was abducted from her home in the 1960s by Privateers after discovering their connection to several other kidnappings involving young womens. Taken to the local Goblin Market she was sold into services of her Keeper. Their she was added to his harem, to be used and then discarded. Their keeper was known as the Doll Keeper. His province in Arcadia has been come to be known as the Glass Doll House. She and several other changelings would later rebel against their keeper stabbing him to death. Or so it seemed. After escaping Joining joined the then Boston court in the late 90s. Sadly be the time she escaped, life had moved on and her child was fully grown. Joining stands for everything summer and Grimm security is. She hates the Gently with only the passion a mother separated from her child can truly muster and will do anything to stop them.
Joining puts on the act of being a caring responsible leader but deep down all that left is a cold bitter hatred for the fey and their minions.

The Furies
(Elemental; Fireheart)
One of Joinings Furies; her personal bodyguard. Strong, quick witted and prone to bought of passion. Has blood lust issues. Will go berserk if not careful. Weapon of choice, two sickles.

(Elemental, Snowskin)
Cool, calm….emotionless. Kori is a professional in every sense of the word.

Don’t call her small, don’t call her cute. Perhaps of the four that made it out of the Glass Doll House together, she has it the cruelest. Where the other three can recall bits and pieces of there past, Vinolia can recall nothing, just a sense of wrongness. Without a life to build upon she has thrown herself wholeheartedly into this life. Sadly she has had a hard time adapting due to her size. Barely over two feet tall, only one other Changeling is small her then her. Her size and her mien are sore points on her. She is ashamed of them and strives to prove herself as ‘big’

Tessa Gears
Tessa Gears is the fourth member of the furies and the only one not to be from Joinings original motley. Tessa was a freshman at MIT. Was abducted during her first semester and replaced with a fetch. During her time during the fey she was made into a gear of great machine. Her escape has been only recent. Like many new changelings she is still trying to find her place in the world. She was only gone a few hours in the real world and has since returned to her college life, working part time as a member of the Furies. Highly valued due to her extensive knowledge of modern technology.


Cancer John
The Autumn Duke
Cancer John is weak. Not so much physically, but weak of heart and of resolve. And he not afiad to to show his true nature. If he thinks he can wriggle his way out of a problem, he’ll play the beseeching, pleading, obsequious part. If that doesn’t seem to be working, it’s all slash and burn. He’ll say cruel things. Make wildly impossible threats. He’ll spit venom with every syllable and go for the jugular with every breath. Cancer John, in a way, represents a cancer in the system. In
the way a free radical roams the body and can turn into cancer, he’s a similarly rogue particle that has seen in opportunity in the Jack’s desertion and has decide to take it upon himself to stir up the pot. He wants power for himself and will do anything to get himself hands on the crown.
At first glance the man looks to be a mass of moving sticks and stones but on closer inspection onlookers would be horrified and sickened to discover that the stones were giant tumor growths and the sticks his bare bones. He is called Cancer John after all.


Harold O’ Grimm
The Winter King.
Jacob Grimm ‘son”, Harold Grimm is perhaps the oldest living changling today. If in fact he is still is a changling. Currently the old Grimm bears the Boston branch of Grimm Security Winter Crown…though he rarely in acts it authority, preferring to leave the day to day matters of running the Winter Court to Ryker.
Instead the Winter King has made his home on the Hedge, leading the Hangman’s Gardeners, in their plight to cut back the Deadmans tree.

Lord Ryker
Lord Ryker is if anything a patient man. It is said that he spent several decades in Arcadia preparing his escape before actually acting on it. The former King of Winter he was dethroned when Grimm Security took over the local freehold during the Red Winter. This has not in anyway diminished his power. By the time the Security company was able to dethrone him, putting someone more like mind on the throne, Ryker had already wormed his way into the confidence of several key contractors within the city. This coupled with his extensive underworld background has made him indispensable to Grimm security. Currently he sits on the council in place of the winter king, forced to be the man’s proxi, so tightly bound in oaths and pledges that he has power then a wooden puppet. However it is only a matter of time before he finds a loophole and then…well then things will become “interesting.”


Silkin Ann
Never was there anyone more readily born to the cold hearted back stabbing of court politics and the subtle art of manipulation then the Spring Queen. To some it might seem strange that this little old Grandma holds so much sway with in the internal workings of Grimm Security but for those that know her, know full well that she use her age as a boon-many boons infact. Known as the Oath-Sworn Queen, Silkin Ann is a naturally born politico. Effectively pulling on the plague-bound strings of both Challenging and Mortals around her to manipulate events in her favor. Is it any wonder then that she is the head of the boston branch of Grimm Securities Human Relation department.


Spike, a true friend. Very friendly and normally happy going. One of the main changling to broker the peace between Grimm security and the Irish Wolves. Has an apartment on the border of Southy.

Dramatic Personalities

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